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Zephyr Management, L.P.

A Global Private Equity and Marketable Securities Firm

Zephyr Management, L.P. is a global emerging markets investment manager, specializing in the creation and management of highly focused private equity and marketable securities funds. Founded in 1994, capital commitments to Zephyr funds since inception have been approximately $1.5 billion from a wide variety of investors, including family offices, endowments, foundations, pensions, multilateral development banks, and sovereign wealth funds.

Each fund has a dedicated investment team located in-market, which engages in fundamental, bottom-up research to identify outstanding businesses with excellent balance sheets, high returns on capital and good corporate governance. Currently, our funds are active in India and Sri Lanka and we are researching new investment opportunities around the world.


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Emerald Sri Lanka

Emerald Sri Lanka Fund is a private equity fund that invests in high growth private businesses selling products and services in Sri Lanka and abroad. NDB Zephyr Partners, an advisory affiliate of Zephyr Management, serves as the manager of Emerald Sri Lanka Fund I. To visit the Emerald Fund's website, please click here.

Zephyr News

Zephyr Peacock India Annual Meeting 2015

On July 28, the Zephyr Peacock India Funds Annual Investor Meeting was held in New York City. If you would like information or a copy of the presentation, please contact Nida at or 212-508-9461.