Lanka can easily be a regional economic champion – Thomas C. Barry

Sri Lanka can easily be a regional economic champion and there is no reason why the island cannot be another Singapore soon, Zephyr Management USA, President and Chief Executive Officer Thomas C. Barry said.

Speaking at an event in NDB bank yesterday, Barry who created this investment management company in 1994 said that one of the biggest advantages Sri Lanka has in addition to its location is that the island is friendly with all the other neighbouring countries. “With the change of governments both India and Sri Lanka too enjoy very close bi-lateral relations.

He said that he feels that SME sector will be one key area that will take Sri Lanka to the next level and they tied up with the Emerald Fund to support this sector.

“The Emerald Sri Lanka Fund will invest in small and mid-sized businesses seeking expansion capital in Sri Lanka.”

He said that Intra Asia trade is the fastest growing segment in the world and this too is another plus point that will help Sri Lanka to be another Singapore as the country maintains good relations with future economic giants, China and India.

Barry also said that the proposed plan to set up an international financial centre is a step taken in the right direction towards taking the country to be another Singapore.

He also said that peace dividend Sri Lanka enjoys too will help the country to be major tourist destinations. “It will be a shame if Sri Lanka cannot be the ‘Best tourist destination in the world’ in five years.”

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