The Emerald Fund’s investments will be sourced and managed by a skilled and experienced local team comprised of professionals with complementary capabilities augmented by the resources of NDB Group, Sri Lanka’s premier financial institution, and Zephyr Management, L.P., a leading emerging markets firm with deep experience in global best practices in the emerging markets private equity industry

Senaka-CIRCLESenaka Kakiriwaragodage
Managing Director

Senaka Kakiriwanagodage has over 10 years of experience in investment banking and IT services. He has extensive experience in valuations, IPOs, equity placements and M&A. Senaka has successfully added value to clients in diverse sectors through operational and financial restructuring. He is one of the founders of Achievers Lanka Business School and is a popular CIMA lecturer specializing in strategy

Girish_Patil-CircleGirish Patil
Managing Director

Girish Patil is the Managing Director of Emerald Fund. He has over 12 years of experience investing in private equity and public equity on the investment and corporate banking side. Girish has invested across many sectors including media, consumer, manufacturing, power equipment, IT, and education. Previously, Girish has worked with some market leaders including Warburg Pincus (India), Nalanda Capital (Singapore) and Sage Capital (India)

Sarangi Thejani
Administrative Officer

Prior to joining NDB Zephyr, Sarangi worked as a senior member of the Administration and Human Resources team at TKS Securities (Pvt) Ltd.

NDB Zephyr’s investment team and senior advisors have several decades of experience in building and managing companies. The Investment Committee and Management Committee consists of veteran bankers, investment bankers and senior executives of Zephyr, NDB Capital, and other affiliates of National Development Bank PLC

Emerald Sri Lanka Fund

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